Our Mission and Intended Goals are:

Working in cooperation with federal and local government agencies.
To create demonstration areas that would encompass our state lands,
Lands within the Blueberry Hill Trust and willing private landowners.
Our vision is to show how early successional habitat can be created
and maintained at a successional habitat on a small and large scale,
A scale that insures that the species reliant upon early successional
habitat,for examples,the Worm-Eating Warbler,Woodcock,Eastern Towhee, New England Cottontail,Eastern Bluebird,Bobwhite Quail.
We educate youth and interested groups as to the value of wild birds.
We acquire open space land,putting it into the Blueberry Hill Trust,
Preserving these lands as bird and wildlife Habitats and sanctuaries.
One of our highest priorities of this date is to historically preserve
New England buildings,with special emphasis on barns circa 1700's
We are looking for donation's to assist us in all of these endeavors.